Serving Northwestern MT and surrounding areas.

What makes our work unique

It's more than snapping pictures.

At Artistic Edge Photography, we use our unique perspective to capture moments, memories and different angles.  Our approach to every shoot is unique and tailored to the specific environment that we are working in.  We are masters of our craft with over a decade of photography experience.  With honesty and integrity in everything we do, it's easy to do business with us.  Contact us today!


We can capture entire rooms and all of their details with our super wide angle lenses!  Our equipment is ready for any job.

Living room

Artistic Edge Photography is about quality over quantity.  We provide cutting edge shots within tight timelines.  We can handle all of your photographer needs with ease.


Real estate is our specialty so don't hesitate to contact us today!

Some recent jobs we have completed for other agents.

Our mission

To provide unique and high quality images of real estate in a timely manner.

Our niche

Anyone can pull out a cell phone with a decent camera and take pictures of real estate.  We specialize in unique perspectives, edgy angles, capturing moments and editing to achieve the highest quality image possible.  This is what separates listings in the real estate market.  It is your time to stand out!  Let's sell some real estate together.  We are ready to serve you.


We are modern & creative

Anyone can take pictures, but a photographer is an artist that pushes the envelope of capturing images.

We specialize in real estate photography.  We professionally capture images per our client's request, edit them quickly and complete the job prior to the deadline that has been agreed upon.  You can count on us for high quality imagery alongside world class customer service.

Image examples
  • All angles outside
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Staircases
  • Extra features

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